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Easily magic up photos. Catalogued from the start,
you’ll never need to scroll back again!
Collab with friends as your true self. Create memories together.

Classify. Capture. Collab.

Creating Memories Together
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Classify & Cliq

Create albums & Cliq. 

Photos get sorted from the start.

Real-time Collab

Be yourself! Photos are automatically shared
with just the right people.

No Scrolling Back

Your memories are always there,

at your fingertips.

How it Works

Get Your Photos 

Sorted. Shared. Stored

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Sorted from the start

Cliqa is disrupting photography as your photos are sorted from the start. You first create an album, choose who to share the album with and only then take the photo. The picture will then magically appear in the album!

Sharing Simplified

Capture moments with close friends. Pictures are shared automatically in real-time with just the members of the album. Cliqa allows friends & family to create and build memories together and allows you to be your real self.

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Your photos are stored on the Cloud so are secure and don't take up space on your device. Open Cliqa and all your photos are there for you. Your photos are organised in groups, whether by topic or events.  Cliqa sorts everything out, never lose a photo again!

About Us

At Cliqa our aim is to make photo sharing and storing simple. We’re all snap happy, taking photos all the time on our phones, but can never seem to find what we want to show when we bump into an old friend. You’ll find yourself wasting time scrolling back through your phone and by the time you find the photos, your friend has lost interest – the moment gone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all your photos were instantly sorted from the start? All your photos at your fingertips and no more annoying scrolling? This is Cliqa’s promise to you.

Instead of having to upload your picture somewhere, Cliqa skips this step as the photo will  automatically appear in the album you envisaged it for. With Cliqa, photos are instantly sorted out, whether it's by topic or event and shared with exactly the right people.


Unlike social channels where you need to be photoshopped and perfect to fit in, Cliqa allows you to be your natural self as you’re sharing with just your close family or friends that you specify. Cliqa gives you the framework to create albums so the right photos go to the right people.


Cliqa is a real-time collaboration tool as everyone in the photo album can add to it. You can enjoy the magic of reliving memories created together by family and friends, and get your photos sorted and organized for you, just the way you want them.

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